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Terms & conditions

of The Clinic Room & Your appointment

Please read these terms and conditions carefully and familiarise yourself with these updated protocols.

COVID-19 Screening Form:

Once you have booked your appointment with us, our COVID-19 Screening Form will be attached to your confirmation email. This will screen you regarding testing, symptoms, vulnerability risk, and exposure to COVID-19. We ask you to complete this form as soon as possible after booking an appointment and ensure you are answering honestly and to the best of your knowledge where appropriate.

After you have completed the screening form, if there are any issues we shall get into contact. If after this point, you develop symptoms of COVID-19 or come into contact with anyone who has had a confirmed or presumptive diagnosis of COVID-19, please reschedule your appointment at no further cost to you. Failing to do so, could result in your appointment being cancelled and refusing you entry to the clinic.

Entering The Fitness Collective:

When you arrive at The Fitness Collective, please ring the buzzer on the left hand side of the double doors. We ask that you do not arrive at The Fitness Collective more than 5 minutes before your appointment start time. If you do arrive earlier, please wait outside and only buzz up 5 minutes before your appointment. You will not be permitted entry to the building until this time.

When we buzz you into the building, please ensure you are wearing a mask or face covering and it is covering both your nose and mouth. If you do not have a mask we can provide you with one as you enter The Clinic Room. Wearing a mask or face covering is essential for you during your appointment.

Please make your way upstairs, on the first-floor windowsill you will find some hand sanitiser, please use this on your way in and way out, or if you have your own, even better. Continue up the stairs and we shall meet you on the second floor. Here we shall take your temperature with our no touch infrared forehead thermometer. If your temperature is above 37.8 degrees, we may turn you away and reschedule your appointment.

Our bathroom and toilets are open for use and are cleaned on a regular basis. Please do let us know if you wish to use these facilities.

We shall guide you through The Studio, maintaining social distancing with anyone else in the facility and into The Clinic Room.

The Clinic Room & Your Appointment

The Clinic Room will be thoroughly cleaned before and after every appointment. This includes all commonly touched surfaces, the plinth, and our equipment. This will be documented every time and every day. We will not be using towels or towel couch covers during your appointment. Our plinth is covered with a wipeable PVC cover and we will be using our couch roll as usual. We have replaced our pillows with waterproof and wipeable pillows.

We shall have a gap between appointments of at least 30 minutes to allow for cleaning and airing of The Clinic Room as well as to avoid cross over of clients. The Clinic Room is well ventilated, and we shall try to keep the window open where possible.

If you do not have a mask or face covering you can purchase one from us for £1. There will be hand sanitiser on the desk that we also ask you to use upon entrance to The Clinic Room, throughout your appointment and upon leaving. There will be one chair for you to sit on and also place any personal items on, please keep this to a bare minimum.

We ask that you come to your appointment alone. A parent, carer or guardian may be allowed with clearance from your Therapist. They will complete the same COVID-19 screening protocol,  We are unable to provide any water during your appointment, please bring your own.

Full payment is due at the end of your appointment, card payment is preferred, and we can accept contactless payment, but cash is also accepted. Our card machine is cleaned between every use.

If you develop symptoms of COVID-19 after your appointment, please inform us immediately.

Your Therapist:

Your therapist will screen themselves using the same COVID-19 screening form and be checking their temperature every day. If we deem ourselves to be unfit to practice, we shall notify you immediately and rearrange your appointment at no cost.

We will be thoroughly washing our hands before and after your appointment and we will be using hand sanitiser throughout. We will be donning a face mask during your appointment when we cannot maintain social distancing i.e. when we are hands on. PPE that has been utilised by us will be changed between every appointment and disposed of appropriately. Our uniform will be laundered every day.

At any point before, during or after your appointment you have any concerns about our new procedures, please do let us know.