📰 Due to the most recent update from our Government regarding COVID-19, we have had to close the clinic and cancel all of our face-to-face appointments, with immediate effect 😢

👍 Fear not, this does not put an end to our services as we currently stand.

🤔 A large proportion of our work does rely on hands-on assessment and treatment. However, we are currently putting processes into place that will enable us to have an online Sports Therapy service.

📧📞 Via email/phone/video call or by any means necessary to ensure we can still be of use to you all. Whether that's support and guidance for existing clients or for new.

🙌 We shall be looking at supporting you with:

✅ Injury consultations and assessments

✅ Rehabilitation plans

✅ Self-treatment advice

✅ Tips for staying healthy and active

🙏 Stay safe, stay well and we shall keep you updated 🙏

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