Hands up if we've been let loose on you with these 😏🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️ The RockBlades 2.0 are a regular feature if you come and see us for treatment! And here is why... IASTM aka Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilisation helps soft tissue structures recover 💪Scar tissue and adhesions can develop and build up when soft tissues (muscles, ligaments, tendons, fascia) are damaged or injured. IASTM is an effective way to kick start or restart, if it's been a long-standing injury, the healing process for these structures. Benefits of using IASTM and the RockBlades include: ✅ Increased range of motion ✅ Improved function, balance and strength ✅ Faster healing times ✅ Reduction in pain

Double hands up if you haven't experienced the RockBlades and you want in 🙌🙌

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