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Recognise this view? If you’ve had a session with us you certainly will.

We wanted to give those that haven’t visited us, a breakdown of how your session may be structured.

Whether you’re coming to see us due to an injury or for some maintenance treatment (roll on April 12th ), we always start the session by getting some more information from you, sat in these chairs! We’ll ask you about in-depth details of the reason(s) you may be attending the clinic, aggravating or relieving factors, as well as any medical history, activity/lifestyle factors and any other (relevant) information we can get out of you!

Next up is our physical assessment, which will involve observing as well as palpating (feeling) the area involved and surrounding. We then take you through a movement screen and series of ‘special tests’ of the relevant areas, watching as well as feeling and constantly asking for feedback. Our main aim here is to get to the root cause of why you are coming to see us.

Once we have more of an understanding of your condition we can then decide the best approach to your recovery. This may include…

Manual therapy

Corrective exercise

Tailored rehabilitation

Injury prevention strategies

Lastly we will put a plan into place that is specific to you and your needs and goals. Whether this is something you can do independently, or with the continued help from us is something decided with you and your Therapist.

Our overall aim is to enable you to Move, Feel and Be Better

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