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❓ A postural position commonly seen, but what does it mean and what causes it? 📐 A pelvic tilt is measured in clinic by the angle between 2 bony prominences on the pelvis, ASIS (anterior superior iliac spine) and PSIS (posterior superior iliac spine). An anterior pelvic tilt (APT) is caused when the front of the pelvis (ASIS) tilts forward and lower than the back of the pelvis (PSIS). 🤔 The cause of an APT is still highly debated. Some say it is due to muscular imbalances; tight hip flexors and back extensors and weak abdominals and glutes (we will cover this on another post! 👀) Others say there isn’t a cause and it is just simple anatomy… ⬆️ You can see in the image above, as we stand in a neutral posture, most of us will have a small degree of anterior tilt. 👍 This is normal and if you have no pain and function well, then good job and continue as you were! 👎 However, if you do suffer with lower back and/or hip pain or tightness or the inability to control your core and activate your glutes, then we can do something about it.

📩 Think you have an APT and want some help and guidance? Then drop us a message.

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