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👀 A condition that is only slightly less common than Upper Crossed Syndrome that we addressed a few posts ago. But something that we still see on a regular basis. • 🤔 Lower Crossed Syndrome (LCS) is a result of soft tissue imbalances in the mid-line and lower body. ❌ Weakness of the abdominals and tightness in the hip flexors on the anterior aspect. ❌ Tightness of the thoraco-lumbar extensors and weakness of the gluteals on the posterior aspect. • 💭 This cross over of imbalance can be characterised by: ⚠️ Anterior pelvic tilt ⚠️ Increased lumbar lordosis ⚠️ Lateral lumbar shift ⚠️ External rotation of the hips ⚠️ Hyperextension of the knees • ☹️ LCS if often seen in individuals who have an inactive lifestyle, those that sit for long periods of the day, desk-based, driving etc., improper technique during exercise, or those that continuously exhibit poor posture daily. • ‼️ Symptoms of LCS can include: ❗ Joint dysfunction, in particular L4-L5, L5-S1, the SIJ and the hips ❗ Joint pain – lower back, hips and knees • 🤔 Concerned you may suffer with LCS? Then drop us a message and we can organise a postural assessment to see if this is the case 👍 • 😬 Do you have LCS? Then there are lots of simple daily activities you can do to help improve, including adopting better postural positions, stretching the tight muscles and strengthening the weak muscles. • ❓ Would you like more information on LCS, or what can be done? Then drop us a message 📩

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