❔ Do you have sciatica? Let us tell you a bit more about it and we can see for you! 🤓 The sciatic nerve is the longest in the body. Originating from the lumbar spine (L4, L5, S1), it runs down through the glutes, hamstrings and into the lower leg. The sciatic nerve controls the muscles and supplies sensation to most of the leg. ⚠️ ‘Sciatica’ is not a condition, but rather a symptom of another issue involving the sciatic nerve. 🤔 It can be caused by a lumbar spine disc herniation (take a look back at last week’s anatomy posts for more detail on this!) But summarised briefly, the herniated disc puts pressure on the sciatic nerve root in the spine and causes symptoms. 😔 The common symptoms of sciatic nerve pain include:

😩 Pain – may be constant or intermittent and described as a burning sensation or sharp, shooting pain. Often felt more in the leg rather than the back.

⚡ Altered sensation – numbness, tingling and/or pins and needles may be present in the back of the leg.

💪 Weakness – can be felt in the leg and foot. Or a feeling of heaviness.

📩 Recognise these symptoms? Then drop us a message and we can diagnose you through various tests. Or already know you have sciatic nerve pain? Then get booked in for some treatment and see how we can help you! 🙌

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