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Do you have pain in the front or back of your knee? Then here are a few common injuries we see in clinic that you could be suffering with… ⬆️ Anterior knee pain:

💥 Patellar tendinopathy – Overuse injury or inflammation to the patella tendon, caused by repetitive or eccentric knee extension activities e.g. running or jumping. Usually described as a sharp or aching pain underneath the kneecap, with pain being present at the start of activity, subsiding during and reappearing again after.

💥 Prepatellar bursitis – Inflammation of the bursa (jelly-like sac that acts as a cushion to help reduce friction) in front of the knee cap. Caused by pressure from kneeling or a direct blow to the front of the knee. Often pain during activity, with swelling on the front of the kneecap. ⬇️Posterior knee pain:

💥 Hamstring tendinopathy – Repetitive stresses and movement leads to inflammation or a strain, usually of the semimembranosus or semitendinosus hamstring muscles. Caused often from activities that require quick acceleration and deceleration. Described as an aching pain behind the knee, that may radiate up into the thigh or down into the calf.

💥 Bakers cyst – Also known as a popliteal cyst, is swelling in the space behind the knee (popliteal space). Usually results from other conditions such as arthritis or meniscal damage which lead to the knee producing too much fluid. Symptoms include swelling, pain and stiffness behind the knee.

Think you may be suffering with one of these injuries? Then get in contact and see how we can help you 👍📩

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