🤔 Feeling tension around the hip joint? Pain in your lower back? Increased the amount of walking or running you have been doing recently?

👍 Then give this a try! A simple foam rolling drill to help reduce tension in your glutes.

💪 How to perform:

- Place the roller underneath one buttock, then cross the same leg over the other placing the ankle on top of the knee.

- If that is not possible, cross the leg lower down.

- Slow and controlled movements up and down the gluteals.

📍 Target area:

- Between the top of the pelvis and the sit bone.

- You can also turn the leg to the side to roll the outer portion of the gluteals.

🎯 Aim for 60 seconds each side, ideally post-exercise, or after periods of inactivity.

👍 Give this a whirl and let us know if it helps you!

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