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❓ What’s your go to drill to prep your shoulders for exercise or sport?


☝️ This is ours… the passover aka shoulder dislocates.


👍 Try this simple drill using a stick (maybe a broomstick or mop?!), or a long and light resistance band or a rolled up towel.


🏋️‍♂️ How to perform:

- Start with legs and feet together and torso neutral – ensuring pelvis and glutes are tucked underneath you and ribcage is pulled in and down, think hollow position.

- Take your hands wide on the stick and begin with arms in front of you.

- Start to pass the stick overhead as far as possible, keeping arms straight, with the aim to end with the stick behind you.

- Continue back and forth in a slow and controlled manner.

🎯 Aim for 10-15 reps and 2-3 sets combined with other mobility drills pre-exercise or sport. This can also be utilised when you’re feeling stiff and immobile in the shoulders and upper back.


🤔 A few points to consider:

- Ideally this would be performed with a stick rather than a band. This allows a measure of progress as well as a stricter movement for the shoulders.

- If you are unable to pass the stick overhead, the arms start to bend, or the torso comes out of position, either only go as far as possible with the stick before the compensation occurs or use a band or towel.

- You should not feel any joint pain or discomfort (this is different to a mobilisation and stretch feeling!!) during this drill – only work through a pain free range of motion.

- Once comfortable and your mobility has improved you can narrow your grip.


🙌 This is one of our favourites, what’s your favourite shoulder mobility drill? 💭

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